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Web Consulting Services

Guiding & building better websites for local businesses.

Ready to give your small business a digital boost? With nearly 80% of businesses going global, now’s the perfect time to take your venture online. Success in the digital world boils down to grabbing and keeping user attention – and that’s where Code n Design steps in.

We’re not just a service, we’re your partners in the digital journey. From the first chat to hosting and tech support, we’ve got you covered. In the online race, standing out is a must, not a maybe.

Our team of web consultants in Melbourne is here to turn your digital dreams into reality, and we’re not satisfied until we hit a 100% success rate. We make web consulting easy – it’s all about planning, executing, and making sure your website or app goes beyond what you imagined.

Ready to level up your brand online? Let Code n Design guide you every step of the way!

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 Technology Consultation
Technology Consultation

If you have little to no knowledge about web technology, we can help you find the best fit technology or platform that will bring profitable results for your business.

Design Consultation
Design Consultation

When it comes to a new website, an impressive design helps you in engaging more clients. We provide our clients with an ideal design consultation after listening to their ideas.

Development Consultation
Development Consultation

To help you understand the technicalities of a website development process, we guide you about the benefits of a clean interface, proper coding, fast loading pages, and more.

Marketing Consultation
Marketing Consultation

From SEO to SMM and paid advertising, we’ll explain you the benefits of investing in digital marketing of your brands and products across various social channels.

Web Hosting Consultation
Web Hosting Consultation

With our web hosting consultation, we help our clients in understanding which server or hosting platform will best suit their website live and hosting requirements.

Technical Support Consultation
Technical Support Consultation

Since trends keep on changing with time, it’s crucial to upgrade your existing website to stay in the competition. We provide website maintenance and support consultation.

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Code n Design is your trusted web consulting partner in Melbourne! With a team of skilled website consultants, we focus on improving your web strategy, generating quality leads, and creating effective marketing plans.

Our expertise covers everything from online brand management, content planning, and brand visibility optimisation to search engine optimization and data-driven marketing. We understand that each business is unique, so we tailor strategies to meet your specific goals. For startups and small businesses looking to make a splash in the online world, our web consultation services are the key to establishing a lead-converting digital presence.

With a proven track record, choosing Code n Design is not just a decision, it’s a strategic move to thrive in the digital era. Join us and let’s make your online presence shine!

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