6 Effective Tips To Secure An Ecommerce Website

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6 Effective Tips To Secure An Ecommerce Website

6 Effective Tips To Secure An Ecommerce Website

Are you worried about the security of your online store? Is security the reason why you are not opting to sell online? If yes, there are several measures that can be taken to boost the online security of an ecommerce store so you can sell online without any worries of malicious attacks or attempted hacks.

With more and more cyber attacks coming up every day, it’s better to stay prepared against such security threats. Failing to do so can risk the credentials of your customers and impact your brand image badly.

Some easy yet effective tips that can help you out include:

  • Login Through OTP

One-time passwords (OTPs) are a legitimate option to prevent unauthorised access to any account. When setting up login options, don’t forget to include a one-time passcode that must be entered by a customer for log in. This will help in ensuring whether the person trying to login is the actual customer or not.

  • Secure Admin Panel & Server

When it comes to securing an admin panel, make sure you turn on the notification email that notifies you every time an unknown IP tries to login into your server. Never use the default passwords instead, keep the passwords and user names as complicated as you can so that no one can crack them.

  • Scan For Viruses & Malware

Online selling or trading can be risky if your site gets attacked by viruses or malware. To stay safe from this trouble, make use of an antivirus program that constantly debugs your systems for virus and fraud thefts.

  • Turn On The Firewall

Keep the untrusted networks away from your server and estore by turning on the firewall software program that keeps a close track of who is attempting to use your online website. A firewall helps in stopping cyber threat with SQL injections and encrypted scripting along with virus protection.

  • Create Backup For Data

There are great chances of losing data due to hardware malfunctions or cyber attacks. To make sure your records or data remain safe, consider creating a backup data file at least once a week. Invest in an automatic backup software that backs up your data automatically every day.

  • Keep Your Store Up-to-date

When it comes to keeping your online shopping store protected from unknown security threats, consider updating it to the latest version of the platform it is coded on. This will automatically update the internet site core, safety tools, and plugins that boost a site’s security.

So, these were some easy tips that, if followed, can help in securing an ecommerce store against security and hacking attempts. To get the best solution to protect your website or store from potential security threats, feel free to talk to our web developers at Code n Design.

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